Thursday 7 August 2008

Gutermann Sulky Stabiliser Starter Kit

Gutermann Sulky Stabilisers
Gutermann Sulky have produced an excellent starter pack of Stabilisers (9723, £11.25) to help you sample their range of stabilisers. There are 10 different stabilisers to try such as Tear Away, Heat Away and Solvy on 25cm x 42cm sheets.

Mother Earth's ABC - Sieglinde Schoen Smith

Sieglinde Schoen Smith's wonderful Mother Earth and Her Children has been followed up by Mother Earth's ABC which is a small illustrated story book. The book is has an alphabet of beautifully illustrated letters and there is also a CD and photo transfer sheet pack (9717) to help you recreate the Letters.

Summer Newsletter

Our Summer Newsletter is now available and if you have not received a copy through the post then you can download a pdf of the Newsletter from our website and peruse it at your leisure.

Cotton Patch Newsletter