Friday 29 February 2008

Strip Rolls and Books for fast and easy quilts

We have a number of new pattern books for Strip Rolls, the pre-cut 2 1/2" fabric strips which have grown in popularity over the last year. There is now a new section in our book store devoted to strip roll pattern books, and there are a number of new books, inculding Strip Delight by Suzanne McNeil. An example of one of the quilts that can be made is shown above.

We also have started to produce our own Strip Rolls, and the first five are now available. These Strip Rolls contain 30 fabrics from a variety of our ranges. Shown below is our Florals Strip Roll ref J1950 at £16.95. Full details on our Strip Rolls can be found here.

We also continue to sell Moda 'Jelly' Rolls and we now have in the Natural Garden Strip Roll (shown below) which has 40 fabrics, J2006, £24.95.

We also have a new 2 1/2" Strippers template set from Marti Michell to help with cutting seven shapes, such as hexagon, 45 degree diamond and conehead from your 2 1/2" strips. These can then be used to make blocks such as Grandmother's Flower Garden, Six Pointed Star and Tumbling Blocks.

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