Tuesday 6 April 2010

Creative Comfort - Support gloves for crafters

Crafter's Thumb Glove

The Creative Comfort range of support gloves, braces and relief bands from Prym are designed by an orthopedic surgeon to enable crafters to keep doing what they love - while supporting, warming and providing pain relief to their thumbs, hands, wrists, back and neck. We all pick up little niggles over time and this excellent range is designed to help you carry on longer with your craft activities. There is nothing worse then having to stop your quilting or other craft projects because your thumb or wrist is starting to hurt. Body and mind are pulling in different directions but these products will help you to craft longer. We have been using them in the office and they really are good.
Crafter's Comfort Gloves

So many supports are aimed at sports activities and are heavy and often made of neoprene that makes you sweat. These Creative Comfort supports have a totally different look and feel about them. Liz for example has been using the Crafter's Thumb Glove which helps with a thumb that she broke skiing a few years ago. Whilst I do a lot of work with the computer and have found the Soothing Wrist Rest very helpful.

Meanwhile the Crafter's Comfort Gloves are great at keeping your hands warm whilst maintaining maximum feel and grip through the open fingerstips. There is a large image of each product and explaination of  the key benefits and main problems that it is designed for e.g. 
Wrist Support Wrap - Creative Comfort. Ref: 10069, £9.95

Support for Active Hands
The Creative Comfort™ Wrist Support Wrap fi ts securely around the wrist, cushioning and protecting it during daily activities. The unique combination of stretchy cotton/Lycra® and comfort foam provides maximum support. All day wrist comfort at home, work or while crafting!
Key Benefits
• Provides adjustable support and compression
• Cushions and protects the wrist
• Made with soft cotton/Lycra® to ensure cool, dry comfort
• Lined with Comfort Foam
• Velcro® closure offers a custom fit
• One size fits left or right hand

Use for:
• Support during crafting
• Activities with extensive wrist motion
• Wrist sprains or strains
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Weak or injured wrist

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