Friday 25 March 2011

New Mighty Bright Lights

Mighty Bright 12 LED Floor Magnifier. Ref: 10334

The largest Mighty Bright so far is the Mighty Bright 12 LED Floor Magnifier; a light-plus-magnifier, floor-standing model that provides ample light and image enhancement for crafters and hobbyists who need their hands free. This sturdy unit features a heavy duty gooseneck that is remarkably easy to adjust; bend it to work at tabletop height or extend it fully to 54" for workshop projects. Twelve powerful LEDs (grouped in threes) encircle the viewing area which features a 2x magnifying lens with a 5x bifocal inset. A unique system of reflectors further intensifies its light output. Assembly is tool-free, and its power button and handle are conveniently large and easy to use. Optional battery power makes this one of the only floor lamps you can tote around the house and workshop without hunting for the nearest mains outlet. It’s well suited for leisurely moments, too. Set up near your favorite chair and position the lens over your lap to brighten and enlarge reading, writing, knitting, and any other task you find difficult without a magnifier.

Mighty Bright Lighted Seam Ripper. Ref: 10333

At the other end of the scale is the Mighty Bright seam ripper and magnifier.
Mighty Bright 2-LED USB Light. Ref: 10335

Another innovative light from Mighty Bright is this 2 LED USB light. It plugs directly into the USB port of your computer or laptop and uses power from your laptop. Great for when you are on the go and need to light up your screen to see your keyboard or screen.
Mighty Bright Vusion 2 Silver. Ref: 10331. Mighty Bright Vusion 2 Purple. Ref: 10332

Finally we have the Vusion 2 which is a larger version of our popular Vusion light which combines a goose neck LED light system with a goose neck magnifier. The Vusion 2 fetaures 6 LED lights for even greater brightness.

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