Tuesday 17 April 2012

Ultimate Quilt Pounce for marking your quilting designs

Mark up your quilting lines in no time at all with the Ultimate Quilt Pounce Set.

Quilt pounce with the The Ultimate Pounce Powder.

Swipe on Powder, iron off

Stays put - no more bouncing

Extremely fast & accurate

Use for machine or hand quilting

Safe for fabrics (though always test)

Ultimate Quilt Pounce Set for Quilting

Once filled (full instructons included) simply position your stencil where you want it and wipe the Ultimate Pounce over the top of the stencil. Sew then remove marked lines with heated iron or damp cloth.

Comes with 2oz of Pounce Powder enough to fill your Quilt Pounce about 4 times and allow you to mark a couple of large quilts of an average amount of quilting and probably more.

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