Sunday 25 November 2007

Hessian wrapping for overwintering your delicate plants

Last year on Gardeners' World, Monty Don mentioned using Hessian as a way of keeping your plants wrapped up warm over the winter. Well it has definitely been a bit cold of late and I had quite hard frosts during the week. This weekend I finished off wrapping my plants in hessian and taking the pots away from exposed places. The photo shows a variegated fuchsia, pruned back and wrapped up for winter.

The great thing about hessian is that it feels so much more of a natural product than artificial fleece. You can also put in the bottom of pots and then add crock to improve drainage, or use it as a protection when you are working on lawn areas.

I do have an advantage as I can pick hessian up from the shop, but it is available to order online and we now sell hessian by the bolt, so you can pick up 25m at a time if you have a large garden!

Hessian can also be used to protect tree ferns and in this article Dan Booth explains his method for using hessian and straw to protect the tree ferns at Brodswroth Hall

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