Tuesday 13 November 2007

Mother Earth and other New Books

There are a number of new books on the website, with new works on Christmas quilts, using Strip Rolls, and Japanese Bags.

There is one book though that stands out as being slightly different to most of our books, a lovely illustrated tale called Mother Earth and Her Children. A Quilted Fairy Tale. Ref: 4528. £9.95

Written over 100 years ago and newly illustrated with an award-winning handmade quilt, this enchanting story celebrates nature's changing seasons.
Deep below the ground, Mother Earth rouses her sleepy children. The little ones ready themselves for spring, then join a jubilant procession of bugs and beetles up into the summer meadows. With each colorful turn of the page, the children discover new surprises waiting just for them.

In rhyming verse and vibrant illustrations, this enchanting story captivates the imagination of the youngest readers, gently leading them to make their own discoveries outdoors.
"Young children will delight in this playful romp through nature's seasons. Sieglinde Schoen Smith's wonderful quilt makes the story shine!" Jinny Beyer, quilting expert and author

Sibylle von Olfers is the author of the original German folk tale, "Etwas von den Wurzelkindern," which sold more than 800,000 copies when it was first published in 1906. Exactly a century later, Sieglinde Schoen Smith's quilted interpretation, Mother Earth and Her Children, won the top prize at America's most prestigious quilt show, inspiring this new translation. Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota) is the foremost expert on folklore in the United States. His works include the definitive English-language translation of The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Cloth with jacket, 32 pages, 9" x 10"
Mother Earth and her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale Ref: 4528

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